Project Experience


Solid Waste Professionals of Wyoming staff has been providing geotechnical and geosynthetics consulting and construction quality assurance on well over 100 geotechnical construction projects encompassing over 60 million square feet of geosynthetics. Please download the above spreadsheet detailing SWPWYO's project experience and the following services provided on each project.

  • Construction Quality Assurance (CQA)
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Management
  • Materials Procurement
  • Soils and Geosynthetics Testing
  • Landfill Gas CQA Monitoring
  • Geosynthetics Inspection
  • Certifying Engineering
  • Regulatory Certification
  • Geoelectric Liner Integrity Surveys
  • Geoelectric Leak Location Surveys


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Please feel free to contact us by your preferred method. We can be reached via the telephone at 888.842.1325. Our administrative email address is as follows: If you would like to contact a member of our staff directly, please proceed to our personnel directory.

Project Experience

Throughout the construction phase of this project, SWP’s team of professionals was extremely proficient and diligent in performing the required tasks and responding to key issues during the project. SWP’s hard work and proactive attitude resulted in a project that was completed on time and within budget.

Environmental Engineer
County Public Works Department

  • Landfill Siting and Planning
  • Landfill Permitting and Design
  • Landfill Gas Planning and Design
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Quality Assurance
  • Soils Testing
  • Liner Integrity and Leak Location Surveys
  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting